Book Review: “Playing Blackjack as a Business” by Stanford Wong

Before I start, let me thank Stanford Wong on behalf of the entire blackjack community. It is thanks to his positive attitude and inspirational passion that kept him writing and publishing blackjack strategy books even with the advent of internet technology.

With his recent passing, it is sad but true that we can no longer expect any new publications from the Wizard. I do hope that his legacy will live on through the life of his older books, which are still relevant for those who love blackjack and want to make it as a living.

In my opinion, Playing Blackjack As A Business is one of the most comprehensive blackjack texts out there. It has everything you need to know all in a single package.

I was particularly impressed with the details and descriptions of the various bets that could be placed in a casino. Wong is not afraid to write about all betting types, even those deemed “unethical” by many practitioners today.

Any blackjack enthusiast who seriously wants to know every aspect of this game must read this book [it has the complete section on combinatorial analysis]. I found the charts and graphs to be handy.

The chapters on card counting and count-based strategy were also valuable in their respective areas of expertise.

Wong’s use of extensive examples throughout is a fantastic means for comprehension and his writing style – clear and concise with no “fluff” that some writers tend to include.

In short, Playing Blackjack As A Business is an essential blackjack manual and should be in the library of every serious player. I should probably buy another copy for myself as a backup.

As the only person who has read my current copy over and over again – many times actually – it has become quite dog-eared, and the spine is cracking from use.

The book would be an excellent reference for anyone who wishes to learn more about the finer details of blackjack, without all the extra fluff that sometimes accompanies less essential books.

Playing Blackjack as a Business is written for blackjack players already skilled in blackjack. If you are not there yet, we can recommend checking out “Step up to Blackjack” by Arnold Snyder, the number 1 rated book on our website.

Another great book, especially for online blackjack players, is “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book” by Ken Smith and Anthony Curtis. These authors are considered by many to be the world experts on card counting strategies for multiple decks, which is highly applicable in online blackjack.