About Us

At MassBlueBird.org, we specialize in making blackjack strategy accessible to all players. Whether you’re already an experienced player from Vegas or Atlantic City wanting to make your game run smoother, a beginner looking for ways to avoid mistakes or a person planning on your first trip to the casinos next weekend, visit our site today and see just how much this website can do for you!

We created the site because no matter what your situation may be, clearly knowing more about how blackjack works is never a bad idea. Whether you’re in Las Vegas every week like so many other gamblers, or if it’s the first time you’ll ever step foot into that giant buzzing building – don’t worry! You’re not going in alone.

For the first time in your life, you can have a team of professionals backing you up every step of the way. We’ll be there to help with strategy, hand review, legal advice and dealer profiles before you even hit that first blackjack table.

And if all that wasn’t enough already – we’ve got another ace up our sleeve: We’re the only site to offer completely free training materials for players of all levels.

At MassBlueBird, we’re committed to providing easy and comprehensive content to help every player improve their skills.

William Ramirez,